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Where does your food come from?

Today, it is vital that everyone knows where and how their food was grown. Gone are the days of simply trusting that your local store has clean, wholesome food. With pesticides bombarding our crops and diseases like E.coli and hepatitis found on our food, it is important to know that your food was grown in a clean, healthy environment. 


Start Questioning

Ask where your food was grown. Was it outdoors near polluted streams or sprayed with pesticides? Even organic foods can have issues with Salmonella and other pathogens

It matters how your food was grown. 


Pure. Natural. Beyond Organic.

We recommend food grown in controlled environments. Look for companies that display the "Know the Grow" label. They are the only companies that have passed our strict certification and provide clean, natural food that meet the highest purity standards.



General Tips

Food Safety

According to the CDC, 48 million

persons get sick, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 die from foodborne infection and illness in the United States each year. 

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Food Safety for Cancer Patients

Food Safety for Cancer Patients

Food safety is vital in today's world. Infants and children, pregnant women, older adults, and people  with weakened immune systems are at greatest risk for  foodborne illness.

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Food Safety for Pregnant Women


 Foodborne illnesses can be  worse during pregnancy and may lead to miscarriage or premature  delivery, and can lead to death or severe  health problems in newborn babies. 

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6 Myths about Food Poisoning

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